Friday, May 17, 2013

Velveeta Dreams #6

An odd dream indeed. What does it mean?


  1. It means that Corky will soon be time traveling. It will involve a Calvinistic detective duo. The gingerbread man is an Open Theist. I think he's up to something...I don't know for sure, though, due to his theological position.

  2. So Sherlock Holmes is investigating the disappearance of Hansel and Gretel in London. The witch has left her Black Forest home and brought them to her London vacation home making the breadcrumbs H&G dropped of no use. So gingerbread Hansel escapes while Holmes and Watson are at the door. The sad thing is that Londoners typically dislike gingers and completely ignore the caramelized lad.

    The breadcrumbs are works. Hansel and Gretel disobeyed their parents and relied on their own works. Now they are away from any hope of salvation unless their father comes for them himself. No act of will on their part can help them now.


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