Thursday, May 16, 2013

Feedback #1

Feedback depends on you to provide the answers. Whatever the question might be, just do a little research and give us the truth. Use quotes, facts and/or links to supply the answers. Thanks. 


  1. I'm sorry I can't provide any quotes, facts, or links; all I have is a vague, unverified impression that, although respected very highly as a scholar (by Calvinists as well as others), Moo is not a Calvinist himself. I mean, if he was a Calvinist, wouldn't we Calvinists be trumpeting him as one of our stars, like DA Carson, Greg Beale, RC Sproul, Horton, Hart, Godfrey, Gaffin, etc etc etc?

  2. A link suggests "Doug Moo is a soteriologically Calvinisitic evangelical."

  3. Mycboxi StoosmallMay 16, 2013 at 9:16 PM

    "Our authority is the Bible, and not the Reformers." - Professor Douglas Moo

  4. Perhaps he is a Cowvinist, but I don't think he is a can-o-bull like the bovine on the right.

  5. Well he's currently an academic a Wheaton ( where our former "Charismatic Church" youth leader ( is.

  6. This list appeared online and I copy it for your consideration:

    Arminian Authors:
    Dr. Bill Arnold
    Garett Lee Cockerill
    Jack Cottrell
    Maxie Dunnam
    Leroy Forlines
    Norman Geisler
    John Miley
    Thomas Oden
    Roger Olson
    John Oswalt
    Paige Patterson
    Robert E. Picirilli
    William Burt Pope
    A. W. Tozer
    John Wesley
    Dr. Ben Witherington

    Arminian Publishers:
    College Press
    Randall House

    Calvinist Authors:
    Archibald Alexander
    John Bunyan
    R. Scott Clarke
    Mark Driscoll
    Wayne Grudem
    Michael Horton
    John MacArthur
    Albert Mohler
    Douglas J. Moo
    A.W. Pink
    John Piper
    Phil Schaffs
    R.C. Sproul
    Charles Spurgeon
    B.B. Warfield

    Calvinist Publishers:
    Banner of Truth
    Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing
    Reformation Heritage
    Reformation Trust
    Sovereign Grace Christian Books


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