Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just for Laughs #259

Go thick with the captions


  1. If incredibly bright light wouldn't knock the Arminian couple out of their sleep, the Calvinist Bros would have to kick it up a notch - John MacArthur sermons, full-blast!

  2. Farmer Smeed and wife, Gertrude, go through church interrogation about their tithing. Church records show that Smeed and his wife tried to tithe with their crops, like in the Old Testament. The Deacon Squad was formed to make sure money and nothing but, goes into the church strong box.
    "Shame is the name of the game" is the motto written on the wall of the interrogation room.
    The Smeeds are up to their neck in debt to the church so the Deacon Squad takes over their property rights to settle the issue. Amen?

  3. "You Christian terrorists are all alike! Now fess up: is it true that you shared the gospel with you neighbor on the night of May 10th!? Don't you know that's a federal crime?!?!"

  4. Police sergeants Grant and Wood resume their questioning of the couple from Eastboro Congregationalist Church, after their attempt to use humor to establish rapport failed miserably.


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