Monday, April 15, 2013

Oz Witnessing

  Personally, I have been each of the above when it came to sharing the Gospel with others. Have you ever felt like one of these characters when you have witnessed to someone? Why? How did you overcome it? 


  1. Overcome it? I haven't yet. I feel like all three most of the time I share the gospel. You have to share anyway. Just remember that you are Dorothy. The ruby slippers are like the promise that God's word does not return void. Just tell the gospel like Dorothy had to say, "there's no place like home". Then these three characters turn into the best farm hands around.

    1. I like what you said and how you said it! Maybe you should write a book for Kindle on this subject before someone else does.

    2. Thanks, Eddie. I wouldn't know the first thing about getting published, though. I certainly don't have the credentials to sell myself as an authority. If someone else who knows what they are doing with the publishing industry gets a book out there on this, then at least the book was written with likely the potential for a larger audience than what I could command.

  2. Scarecrow - Emergent : No Brain

    Tinman - Westboro Baptist : No Heart

    Cowardly Lion - Seeker : No courage or Confidence in God


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