Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Family Tree by Norman Rockwell

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  1. Ha, my grandmother was showing me old photos of her mother and grandmother. I told her her grandma looked like Johnathan Winters in drag (she really did). Grandma didn't laugh. But as least SHE didn't look like Johnathan Winters in drag.

    1. Never chop a branch while the tree is looking.

  2. So my father-in-law noticed several dead branches in a prolific tree in our back yard. Since many branches had already been removed in the past because of a lightning strike, it was time for the tree to go. As he was cutting it down, my daughter walked into the back yard and exclaimed, "Oh no! Paw-paw is cutting down the family tree!"

  3. I also notice that the family tree grows back together at the top.


    This would be alarming if we didn't recognize that the massive family tree of the human race does so countless times over.

  4. Replies
    1. Every family tree suffers from root rot. There is a fungus among us and it ain't pretty.


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