Friday, April 26, 2013

An Occurrence At Owl Creek Beach

"Witness if you will, two time-travelers, one wearing a space helmet and an orange jump suit, and the other a costume, not unlike a large grenade. Meet Freddie and Dorky, two men who use two different methods of time travel. The time, somewhere between creation and Armageddon. Freddie doesn't yet realize that his time-traveling vehicle is about to shift into auto-pilot and head far into the distant past. It will be up to Dorky to find it and bring it back to this location before Freddie dies from the sting of a giant creature he has yet to discover. For beyond the ridge there is a signpost. A signpost that reads, Welcome to the Twilight Zone."


  1. I've gots to get to this beach...Sounds like my kinda place!

  2. It is quite an occurrence. Somehow Rod Serling has been sucked forward in time as well. o.O


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