Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Lighthouse Church in Kuwait

This is the Church in Kuwait where my wife and I attend.


  1. Interesting to see...

  2. Is the trash bin for bad theology, or heretics, or both?


  3. That is so cool; to see pics of a place where brothers in another part of the world worship together!

  4. Les said...
    "The Lord is Risen!"


  5. I grew up in that very church while I was still in Kuwait 7 years ago. Sooo many memories :')

  6. How's the church's health and doctrine there Eddie?

    1. Last count, there were 27 different nationalities represented in the Lighthouse Church in Kuwait. It is a totally unique experience because there are so many different cultural and doctrinal beliefs. I believe health and doctrine go hand in hand. That being said, I also believe that a Church in Kuwait is a miracle of God. Even though, I don't agree with some of the doctrine, I have learned to regard these brothers and sisters precious in the sight of the Lord. I thank God for worshiping Him with saints from so many countries.
      The first couple I met were Calvinists. My pastor, Mark Ingram, says he is a 4 and a half point Calvinist. So far, these are the only Calvinists I know of. But the absolute Sovereignty of God is being taught in Bible studies and small groups. We went through Trusting God by Jerry Bridges not too long ago.

      For a better understanding of what is happening, here is the address to a blog from one who is in a leadership position at the Church:


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