Wednesday, April 4, 2012

C is for Cookie

...that's good enough for me


  1. C is also for Calvinist!

  2. Now, why didn't I think of that!

  3. Hoped you would join the challenge with your artistic and imagative genius.

    Gregg Metcalf

  4. I may someday Gregg, but I am usually a day late on these kind of things.

    ...I am on a numbering thingy though...this is post number 2154 and I've done them all in numerical order.

  5. And of course, C is also for Corky!

  6. And Coelecanth.

    And Coca-Cola

    And Canon (of Scripture)

    and Catechism

    And Charismatic

    And Cessationism

    C is for Calvinstic Cartoons...

    and finally, last and least:

    Constitution Girl

  7. @Constitution Girl

    Where was you been? I was starting to get venerable waiting to see one of your clever comments.

  8. And Covenantalism,

    And Complementarianism,

    And Chiliasm.... (Calvin didn't like this, but some Contempory Calvinists do...)

    You've started something now CG!

  9. C is for cage-stage

    And C. H. Spurgeon

    And Cotton Adams

    And Stephen Charnock

  10. Stranger, I don't rightly know just where I've been....I guess my only excuse is (1, that I lost the bookmark to CC and sort of forgot to visit *insert gasp here* and (2, my brain got such bad cramps trying to keep up with y'alls comments that I sort of took a hiatus to ease the pain a little. ;) Terrible of me, isn't it?

    CG (Aka Dolly Madison)


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