Saturday, April 21, 2012

And the Winners are...

Congratulations go to Curtis Q. Plankton and Fritz McLean who have won Spurgeon's Commentary on the Book of Matthew! And it is autographed by C .H. Spurgeon! It's not the C. H. Spurgeon you are probably thinking of. It's Carmen Hattie Spurgeon, a waitress at Mimi's Cafe in Dimebox, Texas, who is not related to the Prince of Preachers at all. Still, it is C. H. Spurgeon - you can't deny that!


  1. Just poppin' in to say, Thanks for keeping me laughing!

    1. Petra, your comments are always appreciated. As of late, the comments have been diminishing at an alarming rate (except for the Just for Laughs)...your compliment is like putting a battery in that little bunny with the bass drum.


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