Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Calendar


  1. Why is cinco de Mayo always celebrated on May 5th?

    (This is a joke. It is not to be taken literally.)

  2. YES! When will they be available?!

  3. You should publish your calendar through Cafe Press. I'd get one and give them to my friends and family.

    (slight delayed reaction in getting the pun)

  4. Corky Velveeta, The Matrix, and May tricks. *sigh* Only you could come up with such a combination, Eddie. :)

    Love the pun, by the way. The Matrix movie happens to be a favorite of mine, so I naturally enjoy humor related to it. :)

    the Ink Slinger

  5. And Happy UNO de Mayo to you, Eddie.

    I was going to celebrate by sharing this UNO candy bar with everybody, but it seems I ate the whole thing myself. I do have a little mayo left in the fridge, though.

  6. @Truthinator

    I guess we'll just have to chalk that one up as one of the great mysteries of life, my friend.


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