Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prayer Alert

Our dear brother, Joel Garner (Joel the Immerser) needs our prayers right now.
Please stop and take a few minutes to lift him up in prayer.

This is from his blog:

"I continue to suffer from dizziness, and it is continually wearing me down. I am very tired, and my mind is quite racked. Hence, I do not know when I will be back to regular blogging; I am doing quite poorly. I have never had constant dizziness last this long - and, I hope I shall not again. In this and all things, though - blessed be the Name of the Lord. No matter what.

Prayers are very, very much appreciated. I will be back whenever I recover/improve (hopefully in more ways than one). God bless you.
In Christ,
Joel Garner ><>.
2 Chronicles 7:14; Romans 5:8."

You might consider posting some encouragement on his blog site also. It would be great to bump up his followers list. That always brings a smile to a blogger's face. Thank you.


  1. Wow. Thanks so much, brother. Internet mates like you are such a blessing to me.

  2. Oh, that's hard. It is so hard to function like that. I'll pray for you, Mr. Garner!

  3. Prayed for Joel as soon as I saw the prayer alert yesterday.

    (I know to some degree what it is like, Joel, as I have occasional severe sinus inflamations where the sinus tissue swells and puts pressure on my brain as well as my inner ear. So I can empathise.)

    I pray that a way to control your condition will be found.



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