Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pastors Elders & Bloggers

(This marks my 1,111th post)

This is my way of honoring all you pastor/elders out there in the blogoshere. Let's show them that we consider them worthy of double honor by visiting their blogs and lifting their spirits with a comment or two. In the future, I will provide a space for teachers, music leaders, deacons, etc. but for now, let's see who is not only ministering to a Church, but ministering to saints in cyberspace as well.

Please give us your name and the Church where you minister. Of course, the title and web address of your blog and maybe a small blurb about the content. Bless you for your dedication and love for God's people.


  1. I'm Deek Dubberly.  I serve as the pastor of Eastwood Baptist Church in Bay Minette, AL.

    Personal blog: (I blog about stuff I'm learning as I prepare, grow, preach, and serve.  Lots of quotes, mini-outlines, devotionals, etc., with a few unrelated funny things here and there too)

    Church site: (church info, announcements, and an archive of sermon audio)

  2. I'm Jon "I Love Calvinistic Cartoons" Cardwell. I serve as pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama.

    I personally blog at, the all-weather weblog.

    Thanks, Eddie, for doing this. You're the man, and by God's grace, you will continue to be the man.

    And Cotton Adams is a Calvinist!

  3. Does planting a new church that hasn't quite begun count?

    I am Gregg Metcalf, founding and Elder for teaching and vision for the Central Point Christian Fellowship which Lord willing will begin in Longview, WA in the next few weeks as we pull details together.

    Calvinistic Cartoons has had a major role in helping to put my blog, The Gospel Driven Disciples on the map.

    "Edding Eddings" also designed the logo for our new church. It is magnificent.

    Love your site brother and thank you for everything!

  4. Jerry Minor, Pastor

    Riverside Baptist Church, Albuquerque, NM

    Minor Mutterings Doesn't get as much attention these days as it used to due to ministry and "real life" demands.

  5. My blog "A Great Work" is at and you can follow the blog on Twitter at and me at

  6. "Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm a Calvinist, a pastor and a blogger. I last blogged on Friday, I preached this morning (06.06.10) and have been a calvinist since 1991."

    Group response: "Hi, Kevin!"

    Oh wait, this isn't the support group for calvinist blogging pastors? What, that's next door. Okay, I'll be right back.

    OK, kidding aside, I'm Kevin Sorensen and I've pastored Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church for over 12 1/2 years, in Rochester, MN.

    My blog is the title is "Random Thoughts From a Cluttered Mind" and that's really what it is: I do lots of book reivews (for about 6-7 different publishers at present), I comment about church life (mine and others), sometimes quotes, sometimes about fascinating things around the web. So stop on by and visit sometime.

    My church is Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church the web site is (although the webmaster has been really busy pastoring the church lately and hasn't updated things for a while).

    Thanks to Eddie for this opportunity.

  7. Rats, I obviously didn't use the web URLs correctly here. Let's try this:

    Blog at:

    Church web site:

  8. David Ould. Serve as an Anglican minister in Sydney, Australia, but originally from the UK.

    blog/website is

    new to this site and loving the cartoons!

  9. I'm Tim Phillips, and I am pastor of the Midlane Park Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Louisville, KY.

    My blog:

    Church website:


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