Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Apostle's Creed -- NOT!

This is one of those articles that will change your mind about this document. Do yourself a favor and read this. You might even want to share this with some of your friends. It's an eye-opener, indeed.
Here's the link: Rethinking the "Apostle's Creed".


  1. It's my understanding that this developed about the same time or earlier than Nicene Creed, which was intended to explicate the doctrine of the Trinity and was therefore not intended to be exhaustive.

    It's like the five points of Calvinism which was the Synod of Dort's response to the five Arminian Articles of Remonstrace. TULIP should in no way be understood to reflect an exhaustive Reformed soteriology.

    That said, it's not necessary to recite either the Nicene or Apostles creeds any more than the five points of Calvinism in a Reformed church service as though they were exhaustive.

  2. Jim, I thought the same until I read the article. First off, the Apostles had absolutely nothing to do with it. Secondly, it does a really poor job of explaining the Trinity. Someone who believes the Holy Spirit is a cosmic ball of electricity would accept the creed. It says nothing of Scripture, leaves plenty of room for heretical views, the atonement is left out, and is ambiguous (Jesus descended into Hell). The article linked should be read more than once.


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