Thursday, February 4, 2016

Just for Laughs #375

Please provide a caption...I'm all tied up right now.


  1. This is the Mexican edition of the Spanish Inquisition.
    You were chosen to be Catholics, so don't be psychopathic.
    This is not democratic, we use our special tactics
    and unless you want this to turn tragic - and you don't want this to get drastic, I recommend you bow to the Pope and become classic Vatican Catholics!

  2. "The Calvinist God is a moral monster! Even Calvin killed Servetus for disagreeing with him! All you do is talk about the sovereignty of God! You must be cage-stagers! You must forgive me for being so passionate about the free will of man. Because of this, you must be shut up once and for all! You will be executed tomorrow at noon! If God cares so much about controlling us and determining everything that happens, let him save you himself! The alternative, of course, is if you decide to recant and choose to live. Then I might be persuaded to let you live. It's your choice!"

  3. "Welcome to Vanity Fair strangers", I'm Lord Hate good.

  4. I said you are FREE! Just choose to leave, go ahead.

    (hehe stupid arminians)

  5. Sherrif Charlie Spurngun and his possie were captured by the Armed Arminians, the very same group they were attempting to apprehend. Luckily, their rope-tying skills were almost as bad as their understanding of Scripture.


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