Saturday, May 21, 2011

Letter from follower #300

Mr. Eddings,
My name is Frito Don Barley. I was your number 300 for about two weeks...until, I spotted something in the archives I didn't agree with! No, I am not an Arminian. I am a Calvinist who is serious about laughter. Call me Inspector General if you must, but your humor is as lame as your helmet. The correct formula for a humor blog, if you indeed call yourself a Christian, is 23% meaningful cartoons with 12% satire and 65% solid theology with footnotes or links. You have failed my standard and I have withdrawn my name from your roster, sir. Get with the program ya little runt. I will pray for you and your kind.

Here's hoping you'll grow up,
Frito Don Barley,
I.G. for Blogger Business Week

P.S. Woe to the next looney tune that signs up as a regular.


  1. Well, Mr. Frito Don Barley, a NEW number 300 has just signed up to replace YOU...and I hope to have 1 or 2 more join before the year is through.

  2. That new guy's name is Leonidas right?

  3. A fellow named Frito Pye sent me a similar letter. What did I do? I sent him a letter of my own, telling him how disappointed I was with his disappointment with me.

    Haven't heard a word from him since.

  4. Frito Don Barley's "correct formula" for a humor blog only adds up to 90 percent. I hope he joins a math blog next.

  5. He wrote me another letter where he explained the other 10% should be tithed.

  6. Well, maybe it's a good thing he left. He looked a little off anyway.

  7. I wonder who that guy is, really. Isn't the tithe about $7,000?


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