Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Signs of Clues

These were found under a rug in room 1888

Need a Lift? - A New Corky Contest

The rules are simple: When you see a photo of Corky walking on a road, try to identify the location and drive there, Corky will be in that vicinity for 5 full days. Stop your car and say, "Need a lift? I'm a bona fide member of Calvinistic Cartoons!" Corky will hand you an envelope with $7,000 in it and you will be on your way. It's just that simple!  

Just for Laughs #354

Go ahead...someone out there needs to explode with laughter.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

B.C. Finds Clue - A.D. Takes Flight

"Found another clue in another box...I'm thinking this could be a red herring." 
- Agent Barry Cade 

"I've booked a flight out to Death Valley. Plane leaves at noon.
Will send report as soon as I find something."
- Agent Alex Desmond 


Excellent book focused on a Christian's ability to be content in all of life's situations.
(The content helps you be content)

New Clues New Place

These two postcards were found taped to agent Alex Desmond's computer screen this morning when he arrived to work. Combined, the message reads as follows:
There is a museum in Death Valley
Where a woman by the name of Sally
Has a steampunk watch that can travel one through time
Tell her you were sent 
By an anonymous gent
Then hand her an 1888 dime.
When she hands you the timepiece 
Fly like a flock of geese
And never return to that Death Valley Museum again.
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