Thursday, November 27, 2014

Old Cartoon from Leadership Magazine

In the 1980's and 90's I was doing a lot of free-lance cartooning for various Christian magazines. This was printed in 1988 in Leadership, a magazine primarily for pastors. I don't know if I have posted this before or not. After 3,719 posts my mind gets a little fuzzy. 

Give Thanks to God!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just for Laughs Bonus Hootenanny

Oh, how sweet, Rick and the Pope meet.
What ever happened to the Reformation?
Comment below to give us information.

Fan Photo from Anna Sassin

After reading Joel Garner's comment on the death of Benny Finney, I decided with my free will to send you this photo of his gravestone. I am an Arminian who belonged to the Sola Bootstrapa church when Benny, Elvis and Nigel were there. I now attend the Wild at Heart Church on the Rocks Fellowship in Gunga Din, Mississippi. 

Fan Photo from Rita Story

Dear Eddie and Corky,
   I found this old Polaroid photograph in an old trunk that belonged to my dad. There was a note taped to the back that read, "Went to a press conference today and met a young man named Corky Velveeta. We talked for less than twenty minutes, but he really got me thinking about God and the Bible. He gave me a book by A. W. Pink on the Sovereignty of God. I started reading it when I got home. I can't put it down. It is changing my perspective on everything!"
     Rita Story

Arminian Antics #145

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