Monday, May 16, 2011

Google Blogger Banning Calvinistic Cartoons

Because certain people do not like the Calvinistic content of this humor blog, Google Blogger has written me about banning this blog from certain areas. Here is a the email that was sent. I just hope that most of you loyal readers are not living in these parts of the world.

Dear Mr. Eddings
Many readers of a different theological persuasion have informed me of your efforts to ridicule, mock and yes, even bash certain practices in other sects of Christianity. We here at Google Blogger feel that banishment, from certain parts of the world, will be the best way to punish you for your arrogance.
The following areas will not be receiving Calvinistic Cartoons through the miracle of cyber-space:
The Kerguelen Islands;
Alert, Nunavut, Canada;
Tristan da Cunha;
Motuo County, China;
McMurdo Station, Antarctica
and La Rinconada, Peru.  
If your witticisms don't take on a more "user-friendly" attitude we might consider hiring an Arminian ninja to teach you a thing or two.
Thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow.
Mr. Google   


  1. I knew that the Google Bloggers wouldn't have sent you something like that. They don't even know what theology means, let alone be offended by yours. :)

  2. If the Arminian ninja is called in, call me. I've exchanged words -and other things - with a few of their ilk before.

  3. If you're confronted with an Arminian ninja, I'll be happy to lend you my Calvinist Clobber Club. It works wonders with the unconvinced. :)

  4. I'll keep Mr. Google's email in mind the next time I consider immigrating to Antarctica.

    BTW, what is an Arminian ninja? Are his nunchucks made of 2 copies of "Why I'm Not a Calvinist" connected with a chain?

  5. Alright, I know you'll use your "Defeated By A Calvinist" Branding Iron move on the Arminian Ninja if he comes after you, but, all I ask is that you take a picture of it and post it for us to see. (While you're doing it, if possible, please.)

    Nothin' beats watchin' Aminian Ninjas cry!

  6. Watch what you're saying there, princess bigfoot. I was trained to be an Arminian ninja in the Wesleyan Holiness Top Secret Calvinist Underground Resistance see.

  7. If it's top secret, why did you tell us about it?

    P.S. Love the link.

  8. Would that Mr. Google be Barney Google?

  9. Sorry to hear you are being persecuted by the infamous Mr. Google.

    On a more positive note (maybe), a picture of one of your Arminian arch-rivals has appeared in the latest post at Team Pyro!

    Don't worry, the so-called "Arminian Ninja" is really just that ketchup guy dressed up in a black suit. Roll Corky his way and he won't know what to do. He'll be screaming "Rod Jerry Olsen" all the way to Tulsa.

  10. @ Snuffy Smiff

    Is it true what I heard; that you and Mrs. Smiff are teaching Tater the Childrens' Reformed Catechism?

  11. I've always thought that there was something suspicious about Barney Google. Probable those "goo-goo-googly eyes."

  12. "Don't Panic"

    When I saw the "Don't Panic" button, my first thought was, "Uh-oh! This time, there must really be something to panic about."

  13. Lou Pole at McMurdo Station, AntarcticaMay 16, 2011 at 8:02 PM

    Well, there is for me!

  14. Don't worry the pen is mightier than the sword, especially puny Armenian Ninja swords:

  15. Raise a banner against the brand of banners whose banter has banned the band of dandy ganderers from standing handily on this sandy blog! (And then we'll have some banana pudding or some bland flan.)

  16. Don't panic. Arminian ninja's are notorious for using their free will to decide to not carry out their assigned duties. I hear they are easily bribed with Starbucks coffee.


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