Sunday, March 6, 2016

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In his short book Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, published in 1884, Edwin Abbott writes of a Square living in Flatland, a land of only two dimensions. In a life-changing encounter, the Square receives a visit from the Sphere, who lives in Spaceland, a realm of three dimensions. Even though the Square cannot imagine more than two dimensions (he has nothing in his world to relate), he accepts the word of the Sphere and the existence of a third dimension. However, when he attempts to relay his newfound knowledge to the other inhabitants of Flatland, the Square is treated as a lunatic and locked in jail. In a way, the Square’s plight in Flatland is similar to ours. We cannot understand the concept of a Triune Being any more than the Square could fathom the Sphere. But we accept the Word of God, and by faith we understand that God exists in a realm and in a manner beyond our experience. We cannot completely understand God’s existence. An infinite God cannot be fully delineated in a finite illustration


  1. I recently read Flatland. It's a very interesting and imaginative book. Good analogy about our inability to fully grasp an infinite God as 2 dimensional being cannot fully grasp 3 dimensions.

  2. Ugh. Unfortunately, the Nigerian President has put the kibosh on the outflow of dollars due to the crummy economy(a decision that has even made things worse. long story). So, I can't go online to buy. Looks like an interesting read though


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