Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Word Writing Challenge #53 (Special Edition)

Homonyms are words that are both spelled and pronounced the same, but have different meanings. In this challenge, you will have to use each word TWICE using the homonym with an alternate meaning. Even more of a challenge is putting your story into some theological framework and making it humorous. 


  1. Ooo, this will be awesome! I'll be sure to write one today.

    1. I can't seem to get any inspiration. But fear not, I shall pen a tale, this is a fact.

  2. Pastor Gunther StollFebruary 21, 2014 at 6:54 AM

    I used to box for a living. They called me "The Wave" because I would send my opponent crashing to the mat with my powerful uppercut.
    All boxers have stories to tell. There is one in particular I never tire of sharing.
    On my way home one day, I stopped by a florist and bought my girl a red rose and a card for Valentine's Day. I was on my way to buy a box of chocolates when I saw someone wave at me from an alley. I thought it might be a friend, but when I approached him he hit me with a tire tool.
    I awoke in a hospital. The nurse told me I was going to be there for a few days. My hands had been broken and the doctor told me I would never box again. Life hit me in the face. I felt like I had been sucker-punched by God Himself!
    My gal, Betty, was there everyday at my side. She bought me a Bible and started reading the Gospel of John. We would talk for hours about Jesus and how he was born sinless, lived sinless, loved so much it cost him his life. She read how he died on the cross and was buried in a borrowed tomb, how he beat death when He rose from the dead.
    I prayed that night, alone in my hospital room, for Jesus Christ to save me. I needed Him more than anything.
    I am now a pastor and I am thankful each day for God's providential care. I'm in the ring now. The ring of God's elect. The fight continues. A spiritual bout that won't end until the Lord Jesus Christ returns or takes me home.

  3. The Rose Box

    "I'm not giving up this box," Sam the Calminian insists, clutching the rose-engraved wooden object to his chest. "I'll just watch you two and see what happens."

    "What exactly does ROSE stand for...?" Anthony the Arminian inquires, patting his DAISY box.

    "Really Free, Obviously Unlimited, Secure Eternally, Eternal Security."

    "Why did you mention eternal security twice?"

    "We didn't have anything else to put."

    Anthony puts on a thoughtful face. "Cool." Turning to Cody the Calvinist, he smiles. "Shall we begin?"

    Noting that the Calvinist was not answering, the two each threw their own frantic wave at the man.

    "Sorry, I'm learning how to box from this old manual," the monergist declares, putting down his Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. "Don't like the bloodsport, but it has some useful hand-to-hand stuff."

    "...Right. Oh, hold on - just got a voicemail, it could be about that flat tire I had...."

    "And he rose from his seat before the epic battle began to check his voicemail," Sam chuckles, putting on his best announcer voice.

    "I do say, a wave of sleepiness just slept over me," Cody states, reclining. "Good thing we've got some sweet tea from Hawaii."

    "It is rather tasty," the Calminian agrees, sipping some.

    "All done," Anthony announces, returning to his seat. "Now, Cody..."

    "John 6:44," he begins, face firm.

    "John 3:16!" his Arminian friend counters.

    "John MacArthur!"

    "Leonard Ravenhill!"

    "Wait a minute, we don't know if Ravenhill was an Arminian or a Calminian," Sam interrupts sheepishly, bringing stares from both men. "...Right. Carry on."

    "Ephesians 1!" Cody continues, nonchalantly taking a sip of tea.

    "1 Timothy 2:4!"

    "Romans 9!"

    "2 Peter 3:9!"

    "Do you two never tire?" the man in the middle queries, wiping his brow. "I am exhausted just watching you, because I know you will keep going!"

    "Well, do you want to choose a side, or not?" Anthony questions.

    "I like my own side quite nicely...But I've been reading, and...Calvinism's seeming pretty convincing."

    Exasperated, the synergist falls back in his chair. "The only thing I really want to come out of this is for us to stop being confused with Armenians. I don't care about anything else. That's all. So give him the rose box. Just do it. I'm questioning things myself."

    Sam hesitates, then slowly reaches out, exchanging boxes. It had been done -- and, despite their differences, they could all unite over ending the horrible confusion. While drinking tea from Hawaii, of course.

  4. I wish the reply button would stop being so glitchy. ;_;

    I'm not at all pleased with the above story, but it's the best I could do.

  5. The reply button has been giving me trouble as well.
    Thanks for your story. I can always count on you to provide a good story!

  6. No probz, and thanks. As long as you post these, I'll keep writing stories for 'em!

  7. "You're putting people in a box!" the girl said with a smile. Jerry looked up. "Do you never tire of telling me your truth?" He knew she had been to childrensclub again, hearing about Jesus, who rose from the dead. Jerry had tried to keep the 10 commandments for years, his judgement about others was always correct, but then this girl Rose came, telling him his faith was like a flat tire, empty, just like the one on her bycicle he repaired, Her words made his head spin, he found himself rolling from wave to wave, the stability in his life was gone. Was she right? Was it all about grace instead of keeping the 10 commandments? He looked at the clock, one more box to count, he waved with his hand to make her go away. "Go home, or help me", he said.
    "I will help you!" She opened the box, he took the pencil and a new piece of paper and they started counting.

  8. Btw, I enlarged the picture and read TESLA on his shirt. What kind of brand/product is that?

  9. Ah found it:
    Cool, a dutch company. How did you find thát???


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