Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Random Word Writing Challenge #54

Turn these four little words into a very short story.

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  1. The Walking Dead

    The giant skeleton's bony hand grips my throat tighter than a tattoo, a knife hand strike to its forearm proving virtually worthless.

    "As you can see, Mister Homes, unlike your stupid theological framework beliefs, the dead CAN walk!" the mad Pelagian doctor, David Ark, cackles, rubbing his spindly fingers together gleefully.

    "It walks because you gave it life!" I cry, going for one of my firearms as I attempt an outside to inside crescent kick to the creature's elbow.

    "Oh, I didn't think about that," he squeaks awkwardly. "You have outwitted me this time, you fool, but like a Greek hero, I will return triumphantly - mark your calendar!"

    The two disappear in a tower of noxious gas, seemingly harmless, but very irritating to the eyes and nose. I land nicely in the parkour manner, wishing Watkins was here.

    Thank God I made it out of that one alive. Oh, Watkins, my friend, I hope you get over that horrid flu ASAP!


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