Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fan Photo from Mitzi Flanita

This photo arrived in our offices today with the following letter from Calvinistic Cartoon fan, Mitzi Flanita:

Dear Mr. Eddings,
I came across this old photo of Fred Astaire. It was in an old trunk my mother kept in her attic. As you can see, she snapped this picture as Fred was leaving Boston and heading back to Hollywood. My late mother met Mr. Astaire at an art auction where he purchased this painting of Nikola Tesla and you, Mr. Eddings. My mother told me that Fred would just sit and Astaire at that painting for hours. 
I am puzzled as to how you are featured in this oil painting. You are either much older than you appear or you are a time traveler. Either way, I wanted to send this to you Fed-Ex so you could post it on your blog.

Well, Mitzi Flanita, Calvinistic Cartoons is sending you a check for seven thousand dollars for your thoughtfulness. I often wondered what had happened to that painting. I wonder who owns it now? 

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