Monday, December 30, 2013

Tesla Time Traveler?

A local bookstore has what seems to be a series of fictional stories with Nikola Tesla as the lead character. Since I can't read Russian, I really don't know, but it looks like Tesla might be cracking the time barrier.


  1. Found the abstract for this book, and got a rough Google translation, as follows:

    Massively replicated abstract:
    "Nikola Tesla. The most mysterious scientist in the history of science. Seer, ahead of his time. Ingenious inventor, works without which modern electricity would be simply impossible. Lord of lightning in the air to juggle glowing blobs of energy - fireballs. About the puzzle genius - the sensational novel "Nikola Tesla. Portrait of masks "of the modern Serbian writer Vladimir Pishtalo." new novel by Vladimir Pishtalo "Tesla portrait of masks" won the magazine "NIN" as the best novel of 2008. Pishtalo Vladimir (1960) - a popular Serbian writer and author of many novels and stories, including "Aleksandridi" - fabulously poetic biography of Alexander the Great. He currently teaches world history and U.S. history at the University of Worcester, Massachusetts.

    Writer Vladimir Pishtalo about the new novel:
    "History of the scientist of Serbian origin with a world name Nikola Tesla so interesting and unusual in itself, that those parts of the book that I have not figured out interesting invented," said our source. Writer working on a novel for six years, and the most difficult for him to have to decide what to include in the biography of Tesla's novel, and as silent. "Sometimes it was enough to leave what really happened, and it proved to be much more improbable that a person can imagine. If I told him a story that everyone knows, in the usual way, then there would be no question why it was necessary once again to talk about it. It is a new look, a new angle of vision gives meaning to write this novel. By the miracle element in the biography of Nikola Tesla, I added an element of a miracle, the result of fiction, and of their combination arose this book ... "

    Time Out St. Petersburg № 13 (199) / June 25 - July 8, 2010:
    "The popular Serbian writer, a historian, wrote a novel about his famous compatriot, the scientist and inventor. Nikola Tesla is perhaps the undisputed leader among the scientific community by the number of orbiting legends mystical flavor. Pishtalo scrupulously following facts biography, but in the end still draws a figure of genius obsessed with the "light under the eyelids," sexist, which pursues an image of the deceased as a child even more superhuman older brother. " Publication Information: Publisher • "ABC", 2010 • Hardcover, 384 pages (Offset) • Format 60 × 100/16 • Circulation: 10,000 copies. • Translation from Serbian Sokolova • ISBN: 978-5-9985-1027-4 • Type of cover: 7B - solid ( thick paper or cardboard) • Design: full varnishing • Illustrations: no illustrations • Weight: 490 g

    1. Thank you so much for your research! The ONLY thing I got right was that it was about Nikola Tesla!


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