Sunday, December 22, 2013

On the Nature of the Triune God


  1. Interesting thought Eddie. The scriptures seem to speak of the love between the Father and the Son but I do not remember a love with the Spirit. Wonder if the Spirit in us is the way that this love is revealed?

    PS: The captcha stuff makes it hard for me to comment - but I will try to spin thru again and find one that I might be able to read.

  2. Bob,

    Interesting thought! Someone (I think it might have been Jonathan Edwards) theorized that the Holy Spirit is a personification of the love shared between the Father and the Son. This is not in any way meant to "depersonalize" the Spirit, but to reinforce the fact that He is, Himself, love, and is directly involved in the inter-Trinitarian expression of love. I doubt that this can be 100% proven by Scripture, though it is a thought-provoking bit of speculation.

    If the above is true, it would make sense that the Holy Spirit in us is God's way of expressing and revealing His love in the world, as you suggest.

    Blessings and Happy New Year!

    1. Good thoughts Derek. Appreciate the feedback.


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