Saturday, February 23, 2013

Experiment in Facebook Colors

Spies who still disguise themselves using newspapers with holes cut out are often behind The Times.

FUN FACT: It's impossible to look cool when using your iPad to take a photo.

Would you mind repeating the part where you weren't talking?

For breakfast, 3 bowls of porridge is the bear minimum.

Haunted French pancake shops still give me the crêpes.

You don't see many ninjas these days. Which only means they're getting better.

Got a new turtleneck sweater. It's really comfortable, but sad that all those turtles had to die.

I've owned 3 Golden Retriever's and not once has one of them brought me any gold.

The recipe said "Set the oven to 180 degrees," so I did, but now I can't open it because the door faces the wall.

I had a dream that I watched Inception, and now I'm really confused.

I've been moonlighting as a Werewolf.

Apparently, California has the highest rate of Adultery and Depression. It's a sad State of affairs.

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