Saturday, January 7, 2012

Corky Visits JBG Offices

Corky Velveeta seen leaving the Justification by Grace offices in Anniston, Alabama after a book signing by author and pastor, Jon J. Cardwell. Corky has been a supporter of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church and Vayahiy Press for quite some time. Click here for more information on Jon's newest book, Christ and Him Crucified. 


  1. I was stationed in Anniston in 1973 for MOS school. I became a 5711 Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare Speacilist at the United States Army Chemical Warfae School. I was one of 8 Marines sent there in early 73.

    I didn't run into Corky then. Wish I had of.

  2. Best time of my life. Instead of a traditional book signing, Corky stole the show by signing everything that didn't move... and some things that did.

    With his black Sharpie, he signed my thinning crown (aka bald spot), "Romans 9 wuz heer! Luv, Corky" (Lisa had to read it to me).

    Then he took over all the book signings with machine-like inscriptions that read: "$7,294.36 pay to the order of C.A.S.H. Sincerely, Mr. Eddie's Father."

    I could almost swear he sounded just like Mrs. Livingston a few times when he fielded questions from an enthusiastic audience.

    Paula White showed up telling everyone that she was Kay Arthur, and just as she whispered, "Cotton Adams is a Calvinist," security tossed her out on her ear because she slipped up one time, telling a suspicious teenager that she was Kay Warren. Whether Purpose-Driven or partners with Hinn, party crashers need not apply.

    Good times.

  3. @ Jon Cardwell

    I enjoyed hearing from you a few months ago when I was recovering from my accident. Interesting to find out that you were a navy diver and had been UNDER the same ship that I had served on (but not at the same time). Read your bio sketch today, and saw that you had served on the USS Lynde McCormick, so I guess you knew your way around a DDG, too.

    Of course, my favorite part of your bio was your testimony, telling of how you came to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Have you stayed in contact with the brother who answered your questions and prayed with you?


  4. Ah, just like Corky. That awesome grenade....


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