Saturday, January 14, 2012

Arminian Antics #79


  1. "The Right Reverend..." ??

    Does THAT mean that we must refer to Adam Balm as "His Grace"?

    No, I suppose not. He is probably a "Right" Reverend in the Methodist sense.

    We don't want to get our "right reverends" wrong. Right?

  2. Joel the Immerser said...
    "Adam Balm is the man!"

    You are probably correct, Joel. I don't think Benny Finney has come up with a name for the horse yet. ; )

  3. for the record...
    Adam Balm's horse was named "Quick Straw McGraw".
    Hanna-Barbera based their cartoon on this historical equine. (they called their cartoon character Quick DRAW McGraw to avoid legal action)

    ...this is a well known historical fact that is recorded and on record at the Elmer's Glue factory in Hayseed, Ohio.

  4. Adam is probably a closet Calvinist every morning as he tries to catch his horse as it trots ahead whinnying, "I was born free...made free.... and will stay free...."


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