Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Young Calvinist


  1. In the not too distant future Al Mohler will briefly question his decision to spurn dance all together, when he realizes just how painfully ill-prepared he was for the day Paul Crouch Jr. calls him with his Dancing With the Theologians idea.

  2. Hi Eddie, there used to be a group here in Grand Rapids called the Young Calvinist Federation. In fact, my youngest daughter's teacher's husband used to be the director. They are now called Youth Unlimited and they put on a youth conference every other year. They are also under the same umbrella organization as the GEMS Girls Clubs (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior), formerly the Calvinettes, (Yes, I was a Calvinette growing up) and the Calvinist Cadet Corps.

  3. Mike, caused three light bulbs to turn on in me head. Mike, may I use the "Dancing with the Theologians" idea in the future? I will give you credit for the inspiration.
    ...and, Kristen, the "Calvinettes" and "Calvinist Cadet Corps" needs to be posted in their own magazine (or something)!
    These are great!


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