Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Letter from Bobo Laughface

Dear Eddie,
You may not know this but, even though I am a follower of Arminian Antics, I still read your blog whenever I feel down. Like right now. As you may or may not know, (you choose) I was on a $7,000 paid vacation (I won this by telling Corky Velveeta that Cotton Adams was a Calvinist) and I ran out of money on the second day of my stay in the Cayman Islands. I really could use another $7,000 to get back home! I have already asked every Arminian friend and relative I know, and they all chose to say no. So I thought I would ask any Calvinist out there if he, or she, feels predestined to hand over seven grand to a man with needs. I can promise that when I return home, I will start asking for money to pay you back AND with 2% interest for your trouble. I hear most Calvinists are richer than a bowl of Cool Whip and wanted to let you know that to help an Arminian is like helping a human being. Thank you and best of luck,
Bobo Laughface


  1. This is nothing short of beautiful! ha! unfortunately, i won't be able to help. i'm in the process of donating $7,000 to the tax man. but say hi to bobo from one of his biggest fans!

  2. Bobo, take some photos and make a missions presentation at church. You're an Arminian so all the enthusiasm Arminians are supposed to have for missions should be a real selling point to pay back your rescuers and raise money for your next "mission trip".

  3. Jim, you've just put the "fun" back in "fund raising"! Thanks for the genius idea!


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