Saturday, October 9, 2010

Arminian Antics #25


  1. And Bobo Laughface wants $7000 to go for training to become a writer for AA.

    ...or something like that...


    I need Bobo Laughface...

  2. The larger the pencil the better the writer.

  3. Jansie, Bobo Laughface will return from his $7,000 vacation extravaganza soon. Until then, you might want to check your bank account.

    Ellery, does this kind of wisdom come from years of experience or did you buy it?

  4. i'll believe you when i see Bobo laughface leave a comment again...
    keep yer money i tells ya!

  5. Jansie, you may be the ONLY one on the planet that gives a hoot about Bobo Laughface...well, you and Bobo's mom and dad. So this announcement is for you ears only...I have heard from a reliable source, that Bobo will be back in Arminian Antics #30.
    I also heard, that Bobo is out of money and is hitchhiking his way back from the Cayman Islands.

  6. I am a first grade teacher. Experience is my third middle name, but I only rent it as needed.

  7. I live in the Mojave Desert, and there are no "Hoot" Owls here; ours are more of the Screechy variety. So, if I gave anything about Bobo Laughface it wouldn't be a "hoot" - and I don't give "screeches." (Maybe a "cough.")

  8. Eddie,

    That's not entirely accurate bro. there was another dude who asked about the old faces. and that's just the two of us willing to comment on the situation. i think in reality this whole thing is much worse than you care to admit.


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