Thursday, April 23, 2009

Create a Calvinistic Cartoon Caption # 13

Congratulations pilgrim mommy
for another outstanding caption!
Here's the picture! It is crying out for a blurb, balloon or caption.
Think of the best dialog or narrative for this illustration
and you, my friend, will win hands down! It is just that easy!
Hint: Hire some community actors to improvise
this scene in your living room.
Have them do this until an idea comes to you.
You may win the contest and in the process make a few new friends!

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 28th


  1. This is dumb, but the first thing that came to my mind...

    "Dad, you told me the Bible has the answer to all my problems, but I've looked and looked and I can't find out what to do when you accidentally super-glue your hand to the side of your head."

  2. After years of slaving under his father's "saved by book reading" shadow, young Henry couldn't wait to become a Calvinist.

  3. Give it up, son. Romans 9 teaches the doctrine of divine election.

  4. SPURGEON totally PWND the Puritans

  5. thought bubble from the father:
    "Aurthur will come out of his hypercalvinism fad in no time with study habits like these. He'll makes us Pinks proud yet"

  6. Theodore reads through the Old Testament for the second time still looking for the elusive book of Hezekiah.

  7. Father:"Are you reading II Samuel 18 again?"
    Son:"Yes! Just the thought of Absalom riding a mule under that oak tree makes my head hurt."


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