Thursday, June 16, 2016

Just for Laughs #397


  1. Benny Finney's new invention, Servetus Ghost Converter, will scare all Calvinists into Arminians! Simply put this translucent terrifier into the house of your nefarious neighborhood Calvinist! The barely-there visage makes those dumb Calvinists think they're seeing ghosts! Comes with pre-recorded messages to make them think it's the ghost of Servetus!

  2. Arriving home from an evening gathering at their Reformed church, Gerty and Virgil Kruger arrive to find their teenage son watching Benny Hinn in the basement.

  3. Dad: Honey, Billy is reading his Bible, just like he said would, but.... Where on earth did he get that thing?!

    Mom: What? What?

    Dad: It's "The Reformation Study Bible!"


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