Thursday, April 21, 2016

Benny Finney Book Announcement!

     People have accused me of being unfair with my Arminian brothers and sisters. They have lambasted me for my satire of Charles Finney and his ilk. Well, folks, who else would allow an Arminian post on their blog each and every Saturday? ME, that's who. Who else would post a photo (like the one above) of Benny Finney's latest book? That would also be me. Benny certainly would not do the same for me, I tells ya. I have been more than kind to the Sola Bootstrapa crowd and I will continue to do so without taking up an offering. Thank you all...and by that, I mean only those who read this.


  1. "How childish is the attempt to meet this argument by the following sophism! “We were chosen because we were worthy, and because God foresaw that we would be worthy.” We were all lost in Adam; and therefore, had not God, through his own election, rescued us from perishing, there was nothing to be foreseen."

    Benny's right, only someone with a gun to his head would write such a thing!

  2. And the book is located in its proper section - Fiction.


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