Friday, February 13, 2015

Random Word Writing Challenge #71

Use the words above to create something below with a theological additive.

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  1. The Benny Hinn Revenge Club

    "Alright, gumshoe, we've got you now," the leader of the Benny Hinn Revenge Club, Al Murder, growls as Detective Cal Vincent is held at gunpoint. "You're a mole!"

    "Ew, he has gum on his shoe?" Paul Black, the treasurer, cries, recoiling in horror. "And he doesn't look like a mole..."

    "That is SO gross," his cousin, Minnie Sin, exclaims. "And, wow, I didn't know moles could talk."

    "I'm not so sure that you have me," our astute detective friend comments, surveying the dark brown planks making up the walls of the flimsy clubhouse. "If I were to bolt for the walls, I could plow right through 'em! And those guns probably have blanks in them."

    "Yeah, they do," Al grumbles, motioning for the others to put their stage weapons away. "You ain't going no place. We're putting you in prison."

    "Where might that be?" Cal inquires, casing all twelve of the building's residents.

    "An empty pool near here," a small man, Harry Bull, mutters, sawing at his fingernails with a Swiss army knife. "It's got a dead animal in it, lots of flies, yaddayadda...Really deep pool. Flat sides."

    "Oh, that does sound rather dreadful," our dashing hero admits, fumbling around in his pocket for a trusty tool - a Romans 9 smoke grenade. "Well, all, it's been fun, but I must be..."

    Quick as a flash, the tall, stalwart, brilliant, daring, and awesome detective smashes the miniature green pineapple of smokiness to the ground, leaving the baddies in the du - er, smoke. With a drop kick followed by a shoulder roll, he exits the vicinity, retrieving his cell phone and beginning to dial it simultaneously because he is just that spiking.

    "My cover's been blown," he informs the men of the CIA (Calvinists In Action), "but they're ready for capture. The bugs caught it all. They really liked the beetle shaped ones."

    Just another day of winning at life for everyone's favorite CIA ally, Cal Vincent. Join us again next time for the exciting adventures of I Am A Calvinist Detective with Cal Vincent as himself! Stay Calvinist, good night, and God bless you all.


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