Friday, February 20, 2015

Hallmark TV Movie


  1. I heard they had to use CG to thin out Dolph's muscles for the part, but that he was able to do his own stunts. Although I also heard that he hurt several stunt doubles when he whacked them over the head with the "Pettibone cane," as it came to be known among the cast and crew.

    On a serious note, it was reported that he struggled with Nigel's Arminian free will and it often took many takes for him to come across as convincing. He stated that it simply didn't fit with his Lutheran upbringing. He even stormed off the set several times to try and compose himself. Betty White, a member of the Unity Church, had no problem with whatever Henrietta (or anyone else for that matter) believed and would get upset with Dolph's struggles. Although she believes that everyone is basically good, she viewed Nigel and Henrietta as a representation of the "old fogey kind of Christianity".

  2. Jim, I am glad you took the time to do the research on this. Good info.

  3. Great info, Jim. Thanks. Looking forward to the flick.

  4. January 30,2015 or 2016? If it was 2015, can I get a ride in the CC mobile to go back in time to watch this?

  5. I'm so used to seeing Dolf in extreme action flicks. This sounds like an interesting departure. He is getting older though.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
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  6. Persis...Arlee....this TV movie is scheduled for 2016, I have a feeling a lot will happen on the Pettibone/Borax story before this tragedy airs.


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