Saturday, August 30, 2014

An Important Message from the CEO of Calvinistic Cartoons

This September first I will turn 65 years of age. That means, at best, I will have only seventy five years left to churn out Calvinistic Cartoons. During my vacation I have been working on my autobiography. One thousand six hundred and eighty seven pages and I haven't even mentioned anything about myself yet. So I'm scrapping the bio and will begin on another project. I'll let you know more later.


  1. If you need help, I'll write your autobiography for you...

    1. Thanks! But I think you should wait until I die so you can become a ghost writer.

  2. Looking forward to the Life Work of Eddie Eddings!

  3. A world without Calvinistic Cartoons would be...would...I don't want to think about it.

  4. I must be slow, I'm only turning 64 in September and then half way through the month. Maybe I got caught in a time warp somewhere!!

    (Congratulations and many more to come btw)

  5. Thanks everyone for your encouragement and making blogging so enjoyable!


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