Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Random Word Writing Challenge #61

Here are five little words...
see what you can do with 'em in story form.


  1. I was listening to my favorite Christian rock band, Idiosyncratic Museum, when I started to feel a little bit creepy. I thought I should eject the CD and put in another favorite heavy metal church band, the Rabid Patrol. Nothing seemed to inspire me. Fact is, I couldn't understand one word that was being shouted over the ax-grinding sounds of the electric guitars. I still felt a little creepy. Then I put in A Mighty Fortress is Our God sung by the Second Chapter of Acts. My spirit was lifted above the planet.

  2. What is the Rapid Patrol patrolling for?

  3. Every year, museums are filled with creepy, rabid, Christian Fundamentalists, who deny the obvious - the age of the earth and macroevolution. They look like you and me. But, really, they couldn't be further from that. Ignorance is to them as idiosyncratic as the bark of a dog. They cling to it tightly. How can we defeat their ignorance, and prove to them the lack of a god, and the bankruptcy of Young-Earth Creationism? Do you want to help us do that?

    You can do exactly that. Founded by Richie Hawkins, the Museum Patrol is dedicated to harassing all religious fundamentalists into submission. Sly questions are put forth until the enemy's identity is clear, and then he is pelted with unbeatable logic - books, DVDs, papers, magazines, etc.

    You can make a difference for our future. You can strengthen science's grip. Join the Museum Patrol today. Paid for by the Richie Hawkins Foundation - Dedicated to science, dedicated to our future.


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