Friday, October 25, 2013

21st Century Library


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    1. I love the smell of books...Kindle, not so much.

  2. In the 21st century you can have your entire library stolen, lost or deleted in just seconds!

  3. That's a scary thought!!

  4. In the 21st century you can have your entire library in front of you and it might as well be stolen, lost or deleted if the electricity goes out! The other problem is that your entire collection becomes unreadable when the format changes. NASA has reams of unreadable to barely readable data because of this problem. An archeologist or historian can recover an ancient text and decipher it but an e-reader won't be so easy. Besides, I enjoy traditional lucubrating.

    (As in lucubrare: to study by candle light.)

    Eddie, thanks for the link. I finally got to watch My Neighbor Toturo last night!

    1. Les, maybe next time you should just go over and knock on his door.

    2. I'm working up the nerve and maybe I'll get to ride the cat bus.


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