Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Keep in Shape - Take the Stairs

While on vacation and feasting on an entire box of books I recently purchased for my Kindle Fire, I noticed a bad habit returning. It's a "Lazy-Boy" practice among "mature" Christians. When reading The Singing God, by Sam Storms, I found that whenever a Scripture passage, that I was familiar with, would pop-up during a chapter, I would read a few words and skip over it as fast as possible so I could continue reading what Mr. Storms had to say.
Bad habit to develop. I should always take the stairs instead of the escalator. I'll be in better shape and I will not neglect the most important part of a book. After all, the most important part of any Christian book is THE BOOK! 

So don't neglect the reading of Scripture...even when it's in the pages of a book your are speeding through.


  1. Hah! Good picture-analogy!

    You've encouraged me here to stop and read the cited references more often. I admit to being lazy in this regard more than I'd like.

    I recently acquired a copy of John Brown's Systematic Theology, a work with no small number of references. I think that I will look up and read every one of them.

    Thanks for this kick in the pants!

  2. Good reminder, Eddie, on which Book is really the most important one.

  3. Reread it? Man, you people are fanatics!


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