Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random Word Writing Challenge #38

take the four words above and make up something electrifying


  1. Him: Alright, Chip, stay right where you are or I will fry you with my electric impulse gun.

    Chip: Silly boy, you seem ignorant of my inti-impulse suit. And of the fact that I have already fired my weapon!

  2. Insult Man Strikes Back

    "Stay ignorant, fry chip!" Insult Man cackles from his flying craft as he fires a blast from his Insultomatic Gun at my sidekick, TwiceBornDude.

    "Hair raising carpets of precipitation, RebornMan, this guy's dangerous!" he exclaims, his powered exoskeleton narrowly dodging via hopping onto the alley wall.

    "He needs to be introduced to some E429 rounds!" I declare as we dodge a BWB (Bad Words Bomb) from the small square ship. "HELLLOOOOO FROM THE FIRST CENTURY AD!"

    I open fire, sending the powerful bullets all over the hull, full-auto style, causing smoke to come forth.

    I don't think he's done y...

    "TAKE THIS YOU SLIMEBALLS OF GOODY-TWO-SHOESNESS!" the fiend screams, sending a plethora of laser beams in our direction.

    "2T216 missiles, now!" I order, not having any time to lose. We unleash a horde of them at his aerial transportation device, a loud "CRRRSHHHH!!!" bursting through the air as his ship bursts into flames.

    "I'LL BE BACK YOU INTOLERANT FUNDIES!" he cries, a tinge of defeat in his voice. "I'LL BE BACK!"

    With that, he's gone - and so are his nasty words.

    "High-fiving penguins of Sasquatch City, RebornMan, it looks like we beat him!" TwiceBornDude yells wearily.

    "For the moment," I agree. "But he'll be back...He always returns."

    "Yeah, and there's lots of professing Christians who help him out."

    "Exactly...But, the key word there is 'professing.' Though some are deceived."

    I smile. "Let's go grab a TULIP Meat-Man Pizza."

    "Sounds like a plan, RebornMan!" my sidekick exclaims, fist-pumping as only a dude in a powered exoskeleton can. "And let's do some praying and Bible-reading, too."

    Chuckling, I nod. "I like your thinking."

    1. You've taken this way too seriously, RebornMan.

    2. Sorry, meant to post here - it was acting up, I tells ya! Could ya please delete my other message, Mister Eddings? Thank ya kindly.

      Anyway, Anonymous, why's that?


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