Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 2013 Calendar

Because I will be taking a 3 month vacation to the States and parts of Europe, I will not be able to ward off the spammers who have targeted my blog site. Soon, I will be turning on the word verification thingy to hinder the jammers who seem to be legion. CC will continue on a daily basis. I will still be posting (though not Photoshopping while in the States) and monitoring. All posts, from here on out, are pre-scheduled. (3 months of advance posting can shorten your life by 10 or 15 minutes says rocket scientist, Hume Tibbons) You will not notice I'm even gone. Lord willing, I will return with a truck load (or at least, a jar full) of new ideas in September. Thanks and have a great summer. 


  1. And a great summer to you as well!

  2. I wonder why you think your personal "testimony" is superior to simply preaching the logical propositions of the Gospel message? The Word of God is forever settled in the heavens.

    1. Charlie, I never once stated that I think my testimony is superior to the preaching of the Gospel message. Nor will I ever say that - in person or in print.

      My story is a microscopic part of HIStory...of which I am eternally grateful. And it is personal (to me at least).


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