Friday, June 25, 2010

What Do YOU Think?

Blogger, Facebook or both?
As I was surfing cyber-waves off the coast of Blogger Bay, I noticed that some had decided to quit their blogging and pack up and move to Facebook Village. Some of the reasons were for evangelistic purposes. One stated directly that he had more visits on his facebook page than he did on his blog. So another voiced his opinion that he should quit and stick with Facebook.
I have a friend who used to post a comment, now and then, on THIS blog - had his own site - got discouraged because he didn't have a hundred followers in his six month existence in the blogosphere - and now is fully devoted to his Facebook page as his "ministry". I never hear from him unless I post something on his Facebook page.
I have a Facebook page myself. I spend very little time on it. Usually, I just slap a Calvinistic Cartoon on it or post a video there, then leave.
There are pros and cons here. I just don't really know what they are. I was hoping some of you could share some advice.
What do you think?


  1. Hi Eddie,

    Why not do both?

    To make it easy on you, you can use a service like Twitterfeed that will automatically post the rss feed of your current blogger blog onto a facebook account, twitter account, or both.


  2. It seems to me that it depends on your purpose. I do facebook just to keep in touch with a few folks; share a few thoughts, etc.

    The blog is more of a place for me to spout off about things in more detail. I know not many folks read it, but it's an encouragement to one or two, and to me just for having written it.

    Decide on what the purpose is, and do whatever time allows. Both isn't out of the question, as has been mentioned. My blog posts are posted to my FB account, so..

    Or, we could all turn off our computers, read a book and then talk with some folks face to face. Nah, I didn't think so.

  3. I use Facebook A LOT but I use it for communicating and keeping up with friends and family and church folks. For me, FB is where I go to "hang out", and post links to my blog.

    My blog is where I spend my time trying (trying would be the key word here) to express more complete thoughts and pursuing the stuff that entertains me.

    So, for me, these two electronic locales are very different places. Kinda like Niagara Falls and, um, say, Pikes Peak. I like to enjoy them separately. But then again, what do I know?

  4. Networkblog posts a link to my blog automatically on my facebook page. I use facebook to keep in contact with friends and family.

    If I routinely posted on facebook what I write about in my blog, I would probably get unfriended 2/3of my facebook friends. I come from diehard Arminian stock. So they wouldn't appreciate my tearing their theology to ribbons on a regular basis on my facebook page.

    The link to my blog is there for everyone to see an only the brave need click.

  5. I don't use Facebook at all. I found your site through word of mouth. I would try both. I heard a good quote once, "God's work done God's way will never lack God's supply." I figure it works the same way with internet traffic.

  6. I'd suggest doing all of them. I have the following setup for my boss' sites:
    He has various sites, all geared towards marketing his travel business. none of these sites have a blog, so i set up blogs on blogger.
    these posts i share on various facebook pages (a page for each of his main businesses). this link to the blog post is then seen by facebook users, and gets sent to twitter, and google buzz.

    if you need help setting up, lemme know. i'll do it free of charge.

  7. YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have joined forces and will now be known as You Twit Face! (I know you used this joke before, Eddie, but I felt it needed to be repeated. Hey! That rhymes!

  8. I agree with Scott. It depends on your purpose. I've wavered between blogs and Facebook. Blogs have allowed me to clarify my thinking by forcing me to write things down linearly (I'm typically a non-linear thinker). But I get much more response from status updates on Facebook. So instead of linear/nonlinear I'm forced to boil down thoughts into more succinct bite-sized pithy statements. Ensuing discussion allows me to tailor any unpacking to the cognitive needs of individuals who comment.

  9. I like the blog here and found it through other blogs I like. I don't have FB and am a little scared of it (for some reason).

  10. I also don't have a facebook. I refuse on the grounds that the "culture" on facebook is rather selfish. Sorry to put it so bluntly. Might be the people I know who use it.

    I really like Blogger and I can follow blogs through gmail :-) makes me happy.

    Eddie I found you through Pyromaniacs. I was looking on their blog roll and, being the little wretch that I am, Calvinistic Cartoons tickled my fancy.

    I'd like to take the opportunity to say I really like Facets of Grace too.

    Please don't leave Blogger!


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