Friday, June 18, 2010

Any Artists Out There?

Are you a cartoonist? An illustrator or painter? I want just the artists who draw or paint. (You singers and musicians will get to list yourselves on Thursday, June 24 - I have to draw the line somewhere) Please tell us something about yourself. What medium do you like to work in? Are you a professional? Have you had you work published or displayed? Who are some of the artists who inspire you? We want to see who's out there! 


  1. Note: This is not me, it's Robert, who doesn't do computers here he is:

    Robert here:

    "I'm a painter and work in oils and acrylics and my painting style is representational. I am a professional and earn my entire living with my work. I display in fine art galleries and paint many natural history museum murals.

    I recently had my oil portrait of Spurgeon featured on the cover of January's Banner of Truth magazine - and on Pyromaniacs. We also sold some prints at the Shepherd's Conference.

    My mural painting keeps me busy throughout the US. Some of my clients include Cabela's and Bass Pro Sporting Goods stores. Most of my murals however, are done for elaborate private natural history museums.

    Norman Rockwell has always heavily influenced me not only for his artistic genius but for his story telling prowess.

    I also like Jan Vermeer and I'm crazy about Alphonse Mucha. Also, John Sargent, Maxfield Parrish, and many others. I am a big fan of classic American illustrators.

    I also am very impressed with Eddie's work and Phil Johnson's great graphic art.

    Some of my work can be viewed at "

  2. hey there, my name is dan and i'm a writer/artist currently based in manila, philippines. i mainly graphic design these days but i also paint when i have the time (and inclination). i enjoy using ink on paper although i also work using acrylics and oil. i don't have an online portfolio save for some Christian iphone wallpapers over at my site, if you care to look. cheers and keep up the great work (i found your site via phil johnson and enjoy it thoroughly!)

  3. I love watercolors! I have exhibited some of my art in the National Museum of Watercolor in Mexico City and other private exhibits. Lately, I have been busy being a full time wife, and homeschooling mom, but I have my watercolors handy always...I love to paint!

  4. Wow. Will you look at that!

    I don't draw; except maybe conclusions.

    I don't paint; except maybe some touchups on the wall where I've just spackled.

    I don't photoshop because I rarely shop at all; just go with my wife just to be with her when she does the shopping.

    Good thing I didn't literally keep my eye out or I would have missed it...

    You've got ANGUS WORDSWORTH DUNCAN on that canvas as Mr. Rockwell's painting YOU!

    Blessings to you, Eddie, my friend. Praying that your stay in America doesn't unduly influence you. We are after all...

    The land of the home and
    free of the brave.

  5. My son is the real artist in the family, but several years ago he insisted that I needed a hobby. (because of my declining health) "Watercolor, Mom!" He set up a fully equipped little studio for me, taught me the basics and off I went! Not professional in the least, but good 'nuff for family and friends to have work displayed in their homes (or maybe they just hang it up when they see me coming!!) Love Homer and Sargent and of course Jon Jacob Jingleheimer Cardwell for all of the conclusions he draws. (funny!)


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