Thursday, June 24, 2010

Singers, Songwriters and Musicians

Do you lead worship at Church? Are you a singer? Songwriter? Do you a guitarist who never frets? Do you play an instrument or do you play several instruments? I want those who have musical talent to introduce yourselves here. I know of a few followers who have recorded albums. We would like to get to know you a little better before we all meet in Heaven. THAT will be some kind of music! Did you know that Jesus will sing to His Bride in Heaven? (see Hebrews 2:11-12) So drop a note, and tell us about your love of music. 


  1. I'm a musician. I play several instruments, but guitar is my main one. I had a band for several years in the Philippines in the late 80's through the early 90's. We were the first Christian rock band to get recorded. We had two albums. They get played still on the radio, but now they are "classics." It makes me feel washed-up.

  2. I play piano for the worship service and organ if I have to. My other instruments are violin, viola, and guitar, but the piano is my first love, having studied and played for 40+ years. I was in a band at one time, but we disbanded after a year sparing CCM from another well meaning but run-of-the-mill group. I guess I'm a songwriter if writing theological lyrics to borrowed tunes counts.

  3. I play the electronic bamboo Sousaphone. It sounds horrible. I make $10 an hour for NOT playing it. I get $15 an hour for NOT playing it during the worship service at our church.

  4. I lead worship at our church - I bang away on my Taylor like an ape while the rest of the band makes the music ;). The Lord chooses some strange instruments for sure (pun intended). Singing and playing for Him is a privilege I don't take lightly!

    Here's a song I wrote, the lyrics of which I shamelessly stole from Thomas a Kempis. But he doesn't mind. Probably.

  5. I am a singer (church only). I also play a pretty mean radio.

  6. I played piano pre-worship service for the first time last Sunday. Scary because my first instruments are violin and viola. Also I "cheat" and play the guitar chords with my left hand :-P

    I also agree that it is a privilege to play for our sovereign God :-)

  7. My parents met as music ed majors in college and we always had music around. My mom would sit me on her lap when she played the piano and I would lay may hands on hers, so I have always played.

    I was a voice major in college and played trombone in the Marines. I've been writing music for various groups, including orchestra, from high school. I've learned enough about most instruments to write for them and understand some of the technical nuances of each. So I enjoy writing for and playing with many diverse groups.

    But I'm not a full-time musician. I am active in our church's music ministry and most enjoy helping to lead worship with our choir and orchestra each Sunday. I sing with another local group and occasionally lead music at other churches and local Christian retreats.

    You can hear me here. This is a Michael W Smith piece we sang for our Christmas program - I'm the man in the small vocal section.


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