Monday, June 7, 2010

Replacement Needed


  1. Great Sunday afternoon chuckle! (It is still Sunday over here)
    But tragic too - How does one even attempt to engage in spiritual battle without the full confidence in a sovereign and mighty God?

  2. I attempted to link this to my Facebook page, and got a notice that the content was blocked because it was flagged as abusive.

    I have contested that and will let you know if the status changes.

    In the meantime, well done. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Ok, the sandals made me laugh out loud like a truck driver. Brilliant!

  4. Thanks DRC 2...looks like I have been hit by one of those shoes of peace!

  5. @ everyone else - Glad you enjoyed this satire. The sharp edges of satire sometimes cuts those without a sense of humor. I was an Arminian (the 4-point variety) who saw the Calvinists as an enemy on the battlefield. I always struck first when it came to conflict about theological issues. One day I encountered a man I admired greatly, who was a Calvinist, but didn't fit the preconceived mold I had envisioned of what Calvinists were supposed to be. He revealed the chinks in my armour. It wasn't an easy thing for me, and it took several days of wrestling with the Theological challenges he had thrown down.

    note to Arminian readers:
    The purpose of my satire and humor is to provoke thought - not to destroy.

  6. I never saw Calvinists as an emnemy, I just figured that they swung the pendulum too far the other way after correcting Roman Catholic soteriology.

    Then, I heard Michael Horton being interviewed on the radio about his book, Putting Amazing Back Into Grace. His explanation of the doctrines of grace were so clear, and so scriptural. For me, all the pieces came together immediately.

  7. Eddie, You are not alone. Most of us who were saved in the 60s and
    70's started off as 3-4 pointers too. At some point along the road we had to come to grips with the fact that God really is God. Don't worry about offending. We all love your sense of humor! You're such a blessing!!! (And I hope you don't mind but I post your toons occasionally - but always link back :)

  8. I think I was a zero-pointer. I didn't know about any of the points let alone 5 of them. Defining doctrine and theology was eschewed in my prior spiritual experience. But I was never the same after reading some Spurgeon.

  9. You know this just BEGS for a Reformed-slanted spoof. Well, here it is. Enjoy!

  10. Dear Exist-Dissolve,
    You should write for my blog, Arminian Antics. I will pay you 12 Arminian Dollars a week, and a bag of peanuts, for material like this. (Arminian dollars can be valuable one day and worthless the next - you have to choose to take that chance!)

  11. Pretty lame for a satire. Parodies are funnier when they bear some vague resemblance to the source.

    Case in point: The helmet is only typical of "once saved, barely saved" dogma, even most conditional securists don't believe that (in fact many Arminians do believe in eternal security). Breastplate is completely wrong, and quite frankly a bit insulting even as a joke. Shield conflates "Word-faith" with "Arminian," which is about as absurd as equating "Military funeral protester" with "Calvinist." And the sandals... seriously... you're from the theological camp that produced "Triablogue."

    Though this does come across as an unintentionally funny parody of the way Calvinists employ polemics, which I've parodied as well.

  12. J.C., thanks for the comment. I don't agree with your viewpoint or your cartoon so I will only turn the other cheek. It should thrill you to know that someone (hope it wasn't you) already blocked my post. (see DRC 2 comment)
    I am glad you tune in every once in a while...but, please remember this is a Calvinistic blog. (and btw, a true Arminian believes you can lose your salvation)
    Forgive me if I caused you to stumble.

  13. Heya Eddie, I thought it was great! :-)

  14. Don't fret Eddie, your post didn't incite anger or resentment, just a bit of eye-rolling. I was just saying that it kind of falls flat as satire (it's more farcical, really). To give you an idea of how your spoof comes off to anyone studied on the issue, imagine an Arminian labeling the "Calvinist shoes of peace" as being for "staying put here in the USA, because we all know God doesn't want us getting in the way of Him monergistically saving people by doing missions work!" That would be a pretty lame caricature, as that's not even close to what a vast majority of Calvinists believe.

    Not really touching the issues with any degree of accuracy, such a farce doesn't provoke much by way of critical thought, merely cheap chuckles from one side of the pew and groans from the other.

  15. I'm a humorist/satirist/farcistisist in training.

  16. Mr. Eddie Eddings, in my search for truth between Arminianism & Calvinism I came across your website and cartoons.

    I found them quite thought provoking indeed. Nevertheless I must agree with J.C. Thibodaux for the views of your "armour" poster is quite stereotypical when indeed not all Arminianists subscribe to such issues.

    There are those who believe in the majority of Calvinistic views and therefor consider themselves as such and the same goes for Arminianists.

    At the end of the day, are we trying to negate someone's salvation because of the teachings that you or I are more convinced in? Then such a principle of thought should be rendered when we also debate the amount and regularity of fruit someone produces. We sometimes behave as though Calvin is our saviour (1st Corinthians 1:10-31).

    And to say at the end of J.C.'s last comment "I'm a humorist/satirist/farcistisist in training" as your response...then maybe you need to take a vacation from your site and realign yourself because the moment we publicise our thoughts and position then we become accountable for those who place their trust in our thoughts (Matthew 12:36 & James 3:1).

    I cannot understand why most Calvinists I know seem to say "I come in love" yet defy the very commandments of JESUS Christ to love our Brothers and to love our enemies by using such belittling satire and then call it "edifying"???

    If being a Calvinist is being so right the yes be funny but let the issue be the foundational beliefs of Arminianism vs the Bible and not vs Calvinism. For we must agree that not even all Calvinists agree on all of the same theological issues.

  17. ChristopherakaPaul, please be patient. My response will be posted on January 1, 2012.


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