Friday, June 18, 2010

DNA Agenda

Everyone knows that DNA is an acronym for the National Dyslexic Association, but it is also the acronym for the Double Negative Arminians, an organization Finney Finney started in 2007. Their agenda is to wipe out all Calvinistic humor and satire.
"We don't want nothing but Arminian humor, which is a product of human free will and human effort," Finney Finney told Moody Monthly. "We hardly have none to speak of, but we cherish it as a toad frog cherishes a lily pad."
"I noticed, before I left Kuwait, that we had 204 "followers". Today it is 203", Eddie Eddings told the Wall Street Journal. 
"I take credit for that," Finney said. "There is hardly no worse challenge than convincing a follower of C.C. to drop his membership and join A.A."
Benny Finney, the blogger/movie director, told the Laodician Journal that he will be writing letters to all members of C.C. and offering a free month of Showtime if they will cancel their membership.


  1. Well, well, a free month of Showtime. I was the one who dropped CC because I was promised a free WEEK of Showtime. For that I am dropping AA and joining the Chucky Cheese web site. At least they offer coupons! And I am not afraid to boldly state my name, for the record!

  2. I am a charter member of DNA and our motto is, "Don't NEVER become a Calvinist!"

  3. Oui Oui, I see...

    a battle between A.A. and C.C., me oui

    Zee one monthz of, how you say, zee showtime, perhaps is a carnal draw for some, nes pas?

    But zay did'ent count on one zsing from moi...

    I do nut have ze TV...

    my membership at zee Cartoonz Calvin iz intact!

    oo la la


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