Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Photo of Benny Finney

Benny Finney is the clown on the right. The other two indiviuals are "Emerging Arminians". Their names are Larry Bean (left) and Trashcan Jones (center).
This photo was taken by one of our staff members, Andrew Ricketts, who was at the meeting in disguise as a Arminian Amway salesman.


  1. BENNY FINNEY, in clown regalia demonstrating Arminian Logic to Larry Bean and Trashcan Jones.

    FINNEY [to both men]: Do you think this big blue bow tie was predestined? Do you think God is that cruel? No, this tie, like my salvation, was a choice!

    [to Larry Bean]: Go ahead, kid. Squeeze the wheez. [Larry Bean squeezes Finney's nose to produce several high-pitched squeaks] Did you like that?

    BEAN: Yessir, I did. I sure did.

    FINNEY: Son, did you think that was fate? You chose to pinch the honker, didn't you?

    BEAN: Yessir, I did.

    FINNEY: If you can choose such a little thing, that only brings slight, momentary pleasure, how much more would you be willing to choose salvation that brings eternal joy?

    BEAN & JONES [in unison & nodding like dazed bobblehead dolls]: Ohhhhhhhhh.

  2. ...and Jon, I would like to thank you personally for disguising yourself as Claude Akins and attending this event. No one suspected you were wired and sending audio to the "Pie in the Face Pastry Shop" van just outside the house. Good work, agent JJJ!

  3. You can tell Benny Finney has the Arminian leadership required to start an emerging church.

  4. Which one was the clown again? I know you said on the right but they all looked like Amway Salemen to me!

  5. When you enlarge that photo. Look at Benny Finney's eyes! I think he is focused on the food on the table instead of the man he is shaking hands with. His large pockets can hold a lot of extra food items, that's for sure.

  6. delight and pleasure, Eddie. They didn't suspect a thing. Their eyes had more glaze than the cheap donuts at the end of the table.

    At their next meeting I'm going in disguised as "Mickey" Braddock/Dolenz. They won't know what hit 'em. I'll see if Justin Peters wants to infiltrate with me.

  7. I have a tie just like his, only mine is red. And it's only two inches in diameter. And it's not a bow tie. And it's made of plastic. And it has a magnet on the back of it.


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