Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guess Where #2

Can you make an educated guess
as to the whereabouts of our friend Corky?


  1. That's interesting. What's an alien doing in a train anyway?

  2. Easy. Corky is on the tram that goes between terminals at Pittsburgh's int'l airport. Suspended from the ceiling is one of the STEELERS as he anticipates emerging from his off-season cocoon in August.

  3. p.s. (If anyone thinks that my previous comment has no religious aspect, you have never met a STEELERS fan.)

  4. Man, I think I'm getting better at this game!

    Corky's in the bottom left hand corner!

    I almost missed him but there he is; plain as day, clear as crystal...

    I think I almost missed him because he's starting to step out of the frame.

  5. That is the subway car from Men in Black I

  6. you've got ME wondering. I just thought it was a subway in Russia! (the signs on the subway all in Russian) Now I will have to find a copy of MIB to verify if your guess was right...or maybe, someone else can verify where it is found in the movie by listing the time it occurs.


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