Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To Start Off Your Day

Found this ad in an old Saturday Evening Post Toasties magazine from 1951. I did some research and found out that, even though they had good intentions, most people were just too hungry to stop, read and pray over each mini-wheat. The energy cereal lasted only six months and was replaced by a new cereal called,
Mr. Ed's Bag of Oats.


  1. I cannot believe the free magnifying glass did not propel this cereal to the top of the charts. This had to have been the one of the first cereals to put anything in their boxes.

  2. That is funny. Hard to believe Mr Ed trumped Roy :)

  3. Well, I for one, enjoyed the Mr. Ed's Bag of Oats. It came in a clear plastic bag that you could hang on your ears. You could walk around eating your cereal without using your hands! I loved it, it tells ya!


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