Thursday, June 10, 2010

Separated at Birth (kinda)

Even though Jon Cardwell, of Justification by Grace, and the actor Claude Akins weren't born the same year...they shore look alike ta me!


    Claude Akins & Jon Cardwell:
    Coincidence or Separated at Birth-
    You Make the Call...

    Latest blog post from Eddie Eddings of Calvinistic Cartoons stimilates almost have a dozen responses (okay, maybe only two or three) from readers all around the globe. Here is what was sent in.

    "Claude Akins? Wasn't he the runner up on American Idol?" -Guillermo Watanabe, Podunk, IA

    "I thought Jon Cardwell looked more like Guy Williams or Jeff Goldblum." -Ginger Snapz, Sasebo, Japan

    "Hey, isn't that Jon Jacob Jingleheimer Cardwell? His name is my name too!" -Jon Jacob Jingleheimer Smith, No Name, UT

    "Being photo shopped is one of the highest forms of flattery... well, right after being hit in the head with a cartoon anvil that's been thrown off a cliff." -Carl Razzleflavin, Razzleflavin Island

    "Well, sure. That goes without saying." -Olaf Razzleflavin, Razzleflavin Island

    "Quite right." Carl again.

  2. More news and comments keep pouring in...

    "Though it was rumored to have been quashed by very good sovereign grace publicists, it was whispered around Hollywood at one time that Jon Cardwell actually played the role of the Bear in BJ and the Bear. A photo of Cardwell placed alongside actor Claude Akins, who played Sheriff Lobo in the 70's TV sitcom, seemed to confirm many suspicions that the missionary and Reformed Baptist pastor once played the role of the amiable monkey.

    Said Asahel Nettlesom of Pascagula, Mississipi, 'I knew it weren't no real monkey! I just knew it.'"

  3. I'm glad those comments keep pouring in from somewhere. Good thing you pass on the ststements or I wouldn't have known! Has anyone else, besides me, ever made that comparison? Maybe some OTHER report will pour in from somewhere soon.

  4. Not till you mentioned it Eddie - but you are right! Akin was born in 1926 - ??? - Think Jon was adopted? Jon, we're sorry (or happy, however you want to look at it) to tell ya this...but...

  5. Claude was my brother from another mother.

    We went to differnt schools together...

    ... and wait for it...

    Claude Akins and Cotton Adams are Calvinists... or at least Cotton Adams is...

    ... and if Claude Akins, isn't, he ought to be. Claude Akins, Cotton Adams... hmm, is there a connection there? You make the call.

  6. Keep an eye out (not literally) for your picture in a June 18 post.
    I'll be in the U.S. at that time, but I will be checking my blog daily.

  7. Hey, weren't they both on the Hollywood Squares once?

  8. jean "claude akins" van dammJune 10, 2010 at 7:24 PM

    "If I hear one more outragous comment that I looka like Claude Akins, there will be blood, sport. I will give you achins' like you never wanted before!"

  9. Black text on white background! beautiful! so soft on the eyes. so natural. thanks eddie!

  10. How funny! I'm not looking to start trouble Jon but I have to agree with Eddie! :)

  11. We did look too much alike, and that was the problem during the shooting of BJ and the Bear... Mr. Akins played "Sheriff Lobo" and I played "the Bear." They had to use special angles when shooting us together so I would look less like Claude Akins and more like an ape.

    Mr. Akins thought that working with me would launch his political career just as Bedtime for Bonzo was the send off movie for Ronald Reagan. Didn't quite have the same effect.

    Though I was a title character, Mr. Akins had a much better dressing room. He had a 56' TravelMaster trailer. I had a 10' x 10' cage with hay.

  12. I love him as Sergeant 'Baldy' Dhom in From Here to Eternity! Can't fool me.I know these things about the classics.

  13. Jo, I was in that one with Claude Akins, too. As Mr. Akins played Sgt. Baldy, I was Sgt. Fatso, the one everyone thought was Ernest Borgnine. Now, that's some acting, I tell ya, especially since I wasn't even born then.

    Ernest Borgnine was up and coming so we let him have the credit.

    I also loved Claude Akins as "Horrible" in The Caine Mutiny, playing alongside Lee Marvin as "Meatball." Classic.

  14. Yeah, I can see a slight resemblance to Guy Williams. I can see even more of a resemblance if I stand half a mile away!

  15. From a lunar mile, the resemblance is uncanny.

    O the pain, the pain of it all...


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