Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finney Finney

Would appreciate any prayers you can afford for my wife, daughter, granddaughter (and me) as we travel to the States. You won't miss a day of CC because I have pre-scheduled everything up tll mid-August. I will be reading and commenting while in the States. (I just won't be able to Photoshop for a while - and believe me, that is painful). The summer's in Kuwait are extremely hot. So Colorado and Texas will be a cool breeze and a much needed quality time for us. Thank you for your comments (in advance) and don't forget to floss while I'm gone!


  1. I will be praying for you. God be with you brother.

  2. FLOSSING! I knew there was a catch...

    Love you, brother. Will be praying for you...

    and I'll see you on Calvinistic Squares.

  3. The sinister Finney Finney always rolls with theme music...

    His friendship with Tommy James and the Shondells moved the father of the Arminian director to have a tune penned that he might plague havoc upon the Kuwait headquarters of Calvinistic Cartoons...

    Eddie is gone, says, Finney Finney.
    Shut 'em down, where’s the clown, Benny Finney?
    Arminian Antics will be all right now.
    You gotta choose salvation, exert your choice now.
    And I feel all right.
    I say Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah)...
    'Cause you make me feel (Finney Finney) so (Finney Finney) good. (Finney Finney)...

    Well I feel all right, Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah)...

    Promote free will says Finney Finney
    You ain’t dead and come says Finney,
    God’s took the first step, you must take the next Yeah
    Don't stop now. Hey, come on! Finney,
    Come on Finney Yeah!
    (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah).
    'Cause You make ...
    Ooh I love you Finney, Fee, Fi, Finney...
    Come on,...

  4. Arminians songs don't make sense, do they, Mr. Peabody?

  5. Praying for safe travel for you and your family and a blessed time in the States.

  6. Fare well my friend...and if you are in the Denver area, don't be shy, (

  7. Thanks for all of your prayers! We really need them! Pastor Mathis, I would love to visit with you but, even though I am close (in Bayfield right now, just outside of Durango and leaving for Glenwood Springs in a few days to visit another daughter) I have no "free time". After Colorado, I will be headed for the Dallas area and then Houston to visit more family! God bless all of you and keep tuned in! It will only get better.

  8. It better get better or I'll turn you in to the ABI!


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